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EV Fest 2012: Toronto
Electric Vehicle and Green Energy Exhibition

EV Fest 2012 Toronto

Are you going to EV Fest 2012?

It's an annual EV exhibition held in the fall in Toronto, Ontario.

This year, it will be held Sunday, September 9, 2012 at The Pavilions, Evergreen Brickworks, 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, from 10AM until 5PM.

I caught up with Robert Weekley, founder and organizer of this event, to give us an idea of what the EV Fest is all about, what exhibitions will be there, and he even told me a little about supplying electricity to power all those EVs at a big electric car exhibition.

If you'd like to participate as an exhibitor, volunteer, or sponsor of EV Fest 2012, you can contact Robert through the EV Fest website for more information.

Electric Cars, Conversions, and Energy Creation


Lynne: Is EV Fest a show that's made for the public to learn about electric cars, or is it more for EV people to meet with each other?

Robert Weekley: EV Fest is a place where the public, business owners, and fleet managers can come to learn about electric vehicles, and explore options like buying, building, or contract making electric vehicle solutions for themselves; and they can also learn about the options for powering the EV, whether regular grid, green grid, or off-grid.

Is there a theme for EV Fest 2012?

I am focusing on three primary areas:

New Dawn Energy Solutions
  • Energy Creation, with solar exhibitors and installers;
  • Standard OEM Electric Vehicles, such as Toyota PHEV, RAV4 EV, Smart ED, Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi iMiEV, & Tesla Motors Vehicles, and
  • EV and PHEV Conversions for contract or do-it-yourself. Supporting this aspect are vendors and suppliers exhibiting on site.

I was just about to ask you about vendors. Is it mostly exhibitions at EV Fest, or are there demonstrations, lectures, vendors - that sort of thing?

There are some vendors, some speakers, and quite likely a few demonstrations of various kinds from certain exhibitors.

EV Fest and Electric Car History

Toronto Electric's 1916 Raush and Lang electric car

What years of electric cars are represented in exhibition at EV Fest 2012?

This year we have exhibitors with cars from 1916 to 2012 - nearly 100 Years of Electric Vehicles Registered for Exhibit!

Wow. Is there an EV exhibit for every year since they were invented, or what?

No, not one for each year, or even each decade - but still a wide range of examples from 1916 to the present.

Here are some examples of the years represented by our exhibitors of EV's or hybrids or plug-in hybrids, OEM or conversions:

motorino electric scooter
  • 1916 (OEM EV)
  • 1971 (OEM EV)
  • 1974 (OEM EV)
  • 1974 (Conversion)
  • 1983 (Conversion)
  • 1984 (OEM EV)
  • 1989 (Conversions)
  • 1991 (Conversion)
  • 2000 (OEM, Hybrid)
  • 2005 (OEM + Conversion)
  • 2007 (OEM + Conversion)
  • 2010 (OEM EV); 2010 (Conversion)
  • 2011 (OEM EV)
  • 2012 (OEM PHEV Car and OEM Electric SUV, Motorcycles)

EV Charging at EV Fest

Schneider Electric, EV Fest 2012 Toronto

I read on the EV Fest website about The EV Charging Tour (pdf) by Schneider Electric. Can you tell us a little about Schneider Electric, and their involvement with EV Fest?

They're one of our exhibitors, returning from exhibiting at EV Fest 2011. They're offering EV test drives this year with their own Nissan LEAF, during the event, both in the General parking lot and at their chargers on site, which were installed following their attendance at EV Fest 2011.

I'm kind of curious about the EV charging at an event like this. How does that work, with all the amps being drawn from the grid in one place and time?

The site venue we are locating at this year, the Evergreen Brick Works, is commonly the site of the Saturday 'Farmers Market' with many vendors in the location plugged into the many 120V onsite duplex receptacles.

So there are plenty of regular electrical outlets inside the venue.

Kurbwatt postal vehicle

Right. The only issue with EV charging is to not plug two of them onto the same circuit or in the same duplex plug - but rather, in side by side separate plugs, as each is on its own circuit.

Inside the venue, Evergreen Brick Works supplies the electricity to those regular 120v outlets, which of course you can also use to charge your EV. They've got a steel frame design, spaced at about 20 feet, and on each side at alternating posts there are two duplex circuits to connect to.

You might need an extension cord, but not more than 25 feet in the worst case.

EV charging in general at EV Fest is supplied by Schneider-Electric; but inside the Brick Works itself, the venue supplies all the electricity to those 120v outlets.

The Future of EV Fest: 2013 and Beyond

EV Fest 2012 Toronto

What do you see for the future of EV Fest?

I see EV Fest becoming a more encompassing event that allows for not just electric cars, but also water and air - as there are perfect examples of electric boats, and electric aircraft that more people would like to learn about and discover.

Already in just a couple years we have grown from just about 17 exhibits of vehicles (Some that were just pushed in as 'Works in Progress'), to now growing past 34 - and maybe reaching 40 exhibitors this year!

You've really done a lot to raise public awareness of electric vehicles and green energy in a few short years. Thank you, Robert!

Let's get the word out and support EV Fest 2012 in Toronto!

tesla electric car

Tesla Roadster

chevy volt

Chevy Volt

nissan electric car

Nissan LEAF

ford focus electric car

Ford Focus Electric

tango electric car

Tango Electric Car

Wheego Whip

Wheego Whip LiFe

ford transit connect electric

Ford TCE


National Solar Energy Plan

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