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Charge On!, Issue #016: EV Fest 2012 and Electric Cowboy Motorcycle Racing
September 06, 2012

EV Fest 2012

Are you going to EV Fest in Toronto this year? It's Sept 9th, 10-5 at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto.

This year's theme is loosely "Electric Cars, Conversions, and Energy Creation". Green energy and DIY electric vehicles will be features this year, along with some great OEM electric cars. It's a great opportunity for people who've never seen an electric car before to actually get up close and personal with real electric car people!

There's still time to register as a vendor, exhibitor, or sponsor, btw, if you want to get in on the action too!

I had a talk with the founder of EV Fest the other day, which you can read here. We discussed, among other things, the logistics of providing electricity at an electric car show for dozens of electric cars to recharge (at once).

Electric Cowboy Motorcycle Racing

I got a message from Electric Cowboy this morning saying that he is attempting to set a new landspeed record with his electric motorcycle, and has a narrow window of opportunity to raise enough money to race - 11 days.

Brandon (that's Electric Cowboy's real name: ) has taken electric drive where it has never gone before (most of the money for racing comes out of his own pocket) and he's asked us to help him with the last 2000 bucks.

I was in, of course!

So here's how to get in, too, and support EV awareness through motorcycle racing: Head on over to Electric Cowboy's gofundme page and click "donate", and then just put in any amount you like. Each donation over 5 dollars will get a handwritten thank you note from Brandon.

I talked to Brandon last week about his Zero electric motorcycle, you can read my interview with Brandon here.

That's it, short and sweet this month!

All the best,

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