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Charge On!, Issue #010: Reverend Gadget's Miata EV Kits, Wheego Review
June 24, 2010

Is it really summer? The sun musta gotten lost on its way to the Pacific Northwest...but that's not news, is it, that's just "business as usual"!

The News

First, a local thing: the "Cool Rides at the Ridge" car and bike show in Olympia, WA. Benefits the River Ridge High School band; has an "alternative fuel" section, and is on Aug. 7th, 2010, 10-4. Costs 15-20 bucks to register, depending on whether you do it ahead of time or not. (Am I the only procrastinator in the house?; )


If you'd like more information, here's the "Cool Rides" website. As I said, it's for a good cause, benefits the band, and is a chance to show off your conversion.

Reverend Gadget is Back.

I'm happy to announce that a first-rate EV conversion man in Los Angeles is back in business. I couldn't tell you how many Miata owners have written me asking about a Miata electric car kit; now Gadget has put one together for a reasonable price, and it's top of the line! Yes, he's still converting ABCs (that's Arcane British Cars, if you don't speak Gadget), and he's outfitting them with lithium batteries, too.

You can read my interview with Gadget here, if you haven't got my RSS feed.

Wheego Whip, now with Lithium.

I've gotten around to a Wheego review, finally.

I really LIKE this small electric car. It looks like a Smart ForTwo, but that's not because it's a ripoff or because it's an actual Smart EV conversion (those do exist, but they're a little hard to lay hands on in the US); it's because the Chinese company that built the chassis is clever with copyright law smoke and mirrors.

It started out as a NEV, but now has ambitions to be a full speed electric car; 65 mph. Gotta love an electric car with air conditioning.

"The Girls" Has a New Look

What do you think of the updated look? The entire website is not completely switched over from the old, girly theme, because it's a tedious, time consuming manual labor thing...but I'm working on it.

That's all the news for now; thanks for your continuing support!

All the best, Lynne

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