Interview: Tanya from Ampmobiles

Ampmobiles Conversions, LLC, located in Lake Wylie SC, is owned by Mike and Paula Moore. I talked to Tanya, Mike and Paula's daughter.

Me: Do I need to bring my own car to convert?

Tanya: Either way...we can get cars to convert, or you can provide your own.

Me: Oh, okay. How about my '78 Suburban automatic?

Tanya: How about something light, and with a manual transmission instead?

Me: If I bring you my donor car, and it still has a good engine in it, will you sell it for me and deduct that amount from the cost of the conversion?

Tanya: For you...sure.
Normally, we don't sell engines for people; we normally do cars with bad engines. However, we would be happy to try to sell the engine and return your money from it to you.

Me: I'm looking for a freeway flyer that has a range of 300 miles, 0-60 in four seconds, and costing less than $5,000.

Tanya: Me, too. Let me know when you find it.

Me: Well, what DO you have, then?

Ampmobiles DC Conversions

Tanya: We do DC conversions at Ampmobiles, which do not get the range of 100 miles per charge going freeway speeds.

An AC conversion would be more suitable for those stats, but that we know of, there is not one for under $10,000. (An AC conversion is about 6-8x's more expensive and complicated than a DC.)

Me: So what's the DC conversion going to cost me?

Tanya: Our price range is generally between $10,000-$12,000, of course depending on the car, any extras you want, etc.

Me: Can you give me a loan?

Tanya: We do not do financing, usually we ask for a down payment, but do not ask for the full amount until the project is finished.

Me: How long does that take?

Tanya: We do currently have a waiting list which we hope will be gone by this Spring, but it usually takes about a month from start to finish. That gives us time to run tests and cycle the batteries.


Me: I did mention, didn't I, that I'm allergic to shifting? There was this horrible latte-spilling incident once...

Tanya: The transmission on our finished product is a clutchless manual, as easy to drive as an automatic.

Me: Promise?

Tanya: Relax. It's easy. Really.

Me: So who do I contact if I want to get started, or just bug you with endless questions?

Tanya: Dad, of course! His name is Mike Moore, and we've got a toll-free number - 866-831-1082. He says feel free to call him at Ampmobiles with any questions or to place an order.