Charging Dead 8v Golf Cart Batteries With a Car Charger

by Anonymous

My charger was not working and my batteries got so low that they do not have enough charge in them to call for the charger to cut on and charge them. They are 8 volt batteries, and I was told that I could attach them to a 12 volt car charger and put enough charge into them to get them to call for a charge from the regular charger. Do I attach the charger to them individually or charge two in a series?

Hi, there -
One at a time.
I was feeling reluctant to do this at all, but then I remembered some of the crazy things people do with bad boy chargers, and thought, what the heck?

Scott from Carts Unlimited near San Diego says: you can do it with a charger that has a 2 amp setting, don't let the battery get too warm (to the touch), and never let the charging voltage read more than 12v (but I bet it starts boiling way before that!). Stop after 1/2 hour or so.

I wouldn't charge a battery with the wrong voltage charger at the top of the charge (almost full). Personally. But I don't think it's a concern at the bottom of the charge, as long as you pay attention. You'll want to stick around and watch them!


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battery charger cuts off
by: Anonymous

I was told by the golf cart people I could do 30 min per battery with my 12 volt charger untill I had enough amps to let the golf cart charger do its job. I tried one 8volt at a time, the charger would come on then automatically turn off. What should I do??

You have to use an 8v charger on an 8v battery, unless you can change the voltage setting on your charger down to 8v from 12 - some chargers have variable voltage settings.

Need clarification
by: Anonymous

I have dead 8 volt batteries and charger won't pick up no voltage. I read about 2 amp charge and assume that's charging them individually but wasn't clear on that could someone clarify please. I'm sure it's individual but want to know for sure.

Yes, that's just one at a time.

Use a 24volt Battery charger
by: Bubba

My battery charger has a 12 volt or 24 volt switch, can I use 24 volts for 3 of the 8 volt batteries in series?

Yes you can.

Awesome Video
by: Anonymous

I have an NEV that won't charge. It's been sitting for 6 months and the charger is throwing a "dead battery" code.

This video is just what I was looking for. Thanks a million.

You're welcome: )
- Lynne

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