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I love to hear from you about your conversion projects and especially I LOVE to get fanmail...

...but we've reached the point where we've got to get somewhat ORGANIZED. (I know, I know.)

So in the interest of serving you better, I've got some brief directions here to offer, or instructions, or suggestions, on how to get where you want to go most efficiently.

Got a conversion question? Here's what I'd do: First I'd go to the Search page and do a sitewide Google search (there's a box on the page) to see if your question's already been answered.

Or if you'd rather browse, the questions are split up into:

...for your convenience.

Couple things to note on conversion questions: There's a bit of a backlog. I'm sorry about that. I'm catching up as fast as I can, but there's only one of me. (If you've got EV expertise and can answer questions, I'd love some help, and I'd offer exposure for your EV-related business in return.)

Electric Cars are for Girls Site Sponsorship

If you have an EV related business and you're thinking, hey, we should be advertising on Electric Cars are for Girls! - we're doing something a little different this year. It's a little more intimate than advertising. I'm going to offer site sponsorship as an option.

How that works is...

  • You love Electric Cars are for Girls.
  • You have a business related to electric vehicles in some way.
  • You let me pick your brain in an email interview.
  • I turn that interview into an article on Electric Cars are for Girls.
  • That article sort of showcases you and your business, and links back to your company website.

That's it. It's fairly painless and doesn't take too long.

Current sponsors - little EV pun, hehe - are over on the right column of this page. If you want to be a site sponsor in this way, just use the following form to contact me.

Electric Vehicle Association chapters or other non-profit EV associations? You get free advertising here forever. Of course! Use the form below to contact me, too.

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Other Stuff?

If you still can't find an answer to your question, or you want to send me a love note or otherwise need to contact me personally, use this form to get through to me pronto.

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