Diesel Hybrid Electric Pickup Conversion Possible?

by Jason
(Raleigh, NC)

I have a 2007 Ford F250 crew cab with a diesel powertrain and four wheel drive. I would like to do either a hybrid CNG or hybrid electric conversion. The truck has a 6.5ft bed with plenty of space under and inside the bed and under the cab for a motor and batteries.

I am not yet fully immersed in the electric culture yet. But I would like to lessen my impact on the environment and improve my mpgs. Maybe my conversion will be contagious enough for others to do the same.

I believe a parallel system would be best? The truck has a two piece driveshaft. I'm thinking the motor could be mounted as if it were stock between the two.
I have seen diesel electric buses and had a thought of retrofitting their components?

Have you heard of anyone else who has done this type of conversion?
Where do I even start?
Is there a company close to Raleigh, NC doing conversions?

Hi, Jason -
Yes, there are people doing these type of conversions here and there. You don't hear as much about them as full electric conversions, but they do exist!

The video above is just one possible idea of how to do something like a hybrid conversion without going full electric.

I talked to Green Shed Conversions in Florida about it, and they said they have done several of these, including their company truck, a 1956 Ford F500, which is a huge old haying truck from back in the day.

They said they have been doing this size vehicle with the NetGain 11" and 13" motors as well as with dual 8" motors.

As far as a conversion shop near you? I don't know of one, but it might be an idea to check out the local Electric Auto Association meeting (yours is Triangle Chapter) and see if you can find some help! Sometimes your local meeting will have members who have a lot of knowledge and electric conversion experience, maybe do not have a commercial EV conversion shop, but are still very happy to assist a first-timer.

Another idea for help: Green Shed Conversions offers phone consultation and assistance (even assisted conversions!) for a reasonable fee.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your project!

- Lynne

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