Keeping the Rain Out of Your Conversion's Motor

by Beauregard

How can I prevent the water from getting into the motor when it's raining?

Hi, Beau -

I'll let Paula from Ampmobile Conversions in Lake Wylie, SC tell you what THEY do to keep the rain out.

She says:
"We put a splash shield under the motor, so water is OK as long as you're not driving through large puddles (or streams)!
We have one car in the mountains that has to ford a stream to get home.

The shield is black matting like used for a floor runner (heavy plastic) to keep some of the water out and keep rocks from slinging up into the motor."'s FAQ says that getting water in your motor is less of a concern than getting water on other, less waterproof parts (contactor, heater relay, controller, charger, DC/DC converter).

If the part isn't listed as waterproof, enclose it.


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Electric Car Motors, Components, and Rain.

by John Charfauros

I live on an island (Guam where we get a significant rainfall.

There are some low spots in our roads that end up under water, about 8-10 inches. So I was wondering if this will pose a problem for EV's? Also will our salty environment pose a problem also?

Hi, John -
Your instincts are right: the electric car motor won't appreciate the water and salt over the long term - but your controller absolutely must keep dry. It's expensive, and very vulnerable to water infiltration!

There are ways to keep the rain and splash out of your engine bay. Most people place a rain-proof barrier between the components and the environment; however, when you place your splash guard, make sure your components have enough air-flow to keep cool.


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