TR6 Triumph EV Conversion: Where to Start?

by Smokey
(Alexandria, Louisiana)

Smokey's TR6 Triumph

Smokey's TR6 Triumph

I have been toying with the idea of converting my Triumph TR6 into a EV.

Are there any suggestions or input you can give to a first time EV conversion trainee?
Do you know of any sites online that may have some input?

Hi, Smokey -

That is one beautiful car, you lucky devil!
Let me point you toward a few places online to get started:

1) Get yourself something to read. I'd suggest either "Build Your Own Electric Vehicle" or "Convert It!".

2) Go to the EV photo album at and see what's been done that's similar. Contact some of the people who converted their cars on that website (their email is usually on the photo album page) for advice.

3) Join the EV Discussion List.

4) Go to DIY Electric Car Forums. You'll find lots of helpful guys over there, too.

5) Join your local Electric Auto Association chapter.

Good luck!


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Can I convert my Toyota truck to electric?

by Tony
(Elkhart, TX)

Donald Henderson's '93 Toyota pickup conversion

Donald Henderson's '93 Toyota pickup conversion

I need to know what I need to convert my '93 Toyota pickup to be powered by an electric motor. It's a 4 cylinder with a manual transmission.

Hi, Tony -

Your Toyota pickup is an excellent conversion candidate, and there are several of these conversions on the road. I found the Toyota pickup in the photo above at the EV photo album. This one happens to be a DC conversion, the more common choice; however, here's another Toyota pickup that is an AC conversion, and has a very detailed conversion blog here.

For a list of parts to buy for your EV conversion project, you'll need a conversion manual. I suggest either "Build your own electric vehicle" or "Convert It!".


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