Electric Car Motor and Transmission All-In-One?

by Martha

I have recently seen an electric car motor that claims to be an all-in-one unit, with motor/transmission all together in one package. I believe it was a WarP9 or WarP11 motor that was used. Have you heard any feedback on these? It sounds like a great idea to me - no special connections or compatibility issues with transmission, less vehicle weight, etc. Just curious if you've seen or heard any news about these motors?

Hi, Martha!
Sure, that's Netgain's TransWarp series you're talking about. It's not "all-in-one", it's a motor that works well in direct drive applications, with no transmission.
As far as NetGain's reputation? NetGain is a solid EV motor company, meaning, if they build it - it works. On the transmission/no transmission debate, the best thing I can do is let you read it for yourself in this EVDL thread.

The breakdown?
If you're building an EV from scratch, don't go out and buy yourself a transmission. Just get a bigger motor/controller. Same is true if you're drag racing your EV (like John Wayland in the video above) and really need to lighten it up as much as possible. Then it makes sense to toss the transmission, and money doesn't matter anyway. At least, not as much as setting the next world record; )

However, if you're converting a regular commuter type car that's already got a (manual) transmission, you might as well use it and save yourself some money.


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Azure Dynamics
by: Anonymous

Azure Dynamics offers a Solectria AT1200 gearbox that mates with their AC24 motor for light duty applications <2,400 LBS curb weight.

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