Electric Car Performance Comparison

by Robert D. Foglia Jr.
(Malverne, NY)

What is the horse power of these AC motors in comparison to a gas engine in relation to size? Example, to have an electric motor replace a 5.7L engine.

1. Size difference
2. Battery storage space needed
a) cruising time/distance per battery between charges
3. Can batteries be charged as they are being used.
a) solar panels?
b) other

Hi, Robert -
An AC motor that will replace your big ole 5.7 L engine is the Azure Dynamics AC55, hp being voltage-dependent but at 312v is 80 peak and 35 continuous. (If it doesn't sound like a lot, that's the difference between gas and electric. It's a whole new language, so it doesn't quite translate; ) The AC55 weighs 230 pounds, is 17.6 inches long and 13.5 inches in diameter. The controller has to go somewhere, too, so if you're asking about the dimensions because you're making plans inside the engine bay, you've got to factor that in. You've also got to keep your controller scrupulously dry, so that limits placement of it.

You're going to be putting a lot of batteries in this conversion. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you're taking that 5.7 L engine out of a full-size pickup, so that provides a convenient storage location for the batteries!

Battery storage priorities are as follows: Outside the passenger cabin for safety. Accessible for changing, charging, and filling. Low, centered, and well-distributed for handling.

You'll have really good regenerative braking with a heavy AC conversion. It's really your best advantage, range-wise. Without a whole lot more information, I couldn't begin to guess what your range would be. Solar panels on your vehicle don't add a whole lot, in my opinion, though others may disagree.


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