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If you've never seen an electric car before...relax, no problem! You can start from zero and be up to 60 mph by the end of the page. Real easy. Welcome to my blog!

Military Truck Electric Conversion to Rat Rod!

I want to pull the engine, tranny, and bed off my M35A2, shorten the frame a bit, leave the 3 axle configuration, and convert this thing to a rat rod.

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Do I need a battery management system (BMS), or not?

My dad and I are in the process of converting his 77 VW Rabbit to electric. We're getting very close to ordering the new parts, but there's one in particular

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Make My Electric Ranchero Conversion with Solar Panels, Please

I want to convert my 1969 Ranchero GT to electric with solar panels as well to recharge on go or without a charging station. Hi, Ronald - The picture

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Diesel Hybrid Electric Pickup Conversion Possible?

I have a 2007 Ford F250 crew cab with a diesel powertrain and four wheel drive. I would like to do either a hybrid CNG or hybrid electric conversion.

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Electric Car Conversion Kits

Wondering where the best places are to get electric car conversion kits? Here are a few of my favorites.

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Torque Vectoring and Traction Control

Is there a separate electric motor for each wheel in an electric car? Hi, John - Not at present (2019), but maybe soon. The video shows why this is

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Electric Motor Torque and Gear Ratio

I am wondering what the torque I can expect out of a generic forklift motor would be. I just acquired a Ford Ranger that I'm going to convert. I was

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Electric Truck: Rivian is Growing on Me

Dreaming of an electric truck, but stuck driving an electric granny mobile (or luxury sedan) instead? Don't worry, you don't have to wait for Tesla.

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Forklift Batteries in a Pickup Conversion?

I am doing research on the possible conversion of 1980s to 1990s pickup truck. I pan to power with a ac motor but the main question I have is would one

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BMW Electric Car: The i3

The BMW electric car offering from BMW group is called the i3, and wow, it is really a head-turner!

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