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If you've never seen an electric car before...relax, no problem! You can start from zero and be up to 60 mph by the end of the page. Real easy. Welcome to my blog!

Electric Vehicle Conversion

If you're just starting your electric vehicle conversion journey, you might be saying to yourself: “You know what I need? Some videos!” Here are some of my favorites.

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This Nissan LEAF Runs on Sunshine

This Nissan Leaf runs on solar energy! Wanna find out what you can do to drive for FREE?

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Hypermiling: Drive Like a Girl

Hypermiling: the trick to getting the maximum range out of your electric car's battery pack. Ready to play?

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Global Warming Controversy

Global warming controversy: Fenderbender at the intersection of science and vested interests.

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Effects of Global Warming

Some places, like Alaska, suffer the effects of global warming more than others...and the rest of us depend on places like Alaska to keep OUR climate stable.

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Electric Car Battery Chargers

Electric car battery chargers are expensive, and for some reason are the last thing we want to spend money on.

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Deep Cycle Batteries vs. SLIs

Deep cycle batteries or regular auto batteries for your electric car? Don't waste your money!

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Build An Electric Car for about $2200

Paul Holmes discovered he could build an electric car for about $2000. In this interview, we'll talk about how he built his electric car...and why.

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Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum

The Historic Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum in Kingman, Arizona adds to its collection..

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Can a motor power a 33' RV?

Can a motor drive a 33' RV? Is there a motor designed to drive each wheel instead of driving the transmission? Is it stupid to consider an electric RV?

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