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HHO Booster: A DIY Fuel Cell Conversion?

The makers of these devices are claiming it will increase your gas mileage to 100 mpg or more. How cool is that? (It's not.)

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A/C for a VW conversion

I intend converting a VW sedan to electric, but live in a hot climate. Is it possible/practical to have A/C. Also how much will the range be reduced

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Building a Electric Land Rover

I'm looking to build a EV Land Rover using a 90 kw motor. It is my first time doing this and I'm doing it as a personal project. I would like some advice

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Is there a list of EV conversion shops?

As exciting as a DIY electric conversion sounds, many people don't have the time, skills, and/or inclination to convert a vehicle themselves. On your main

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Would Like to Convert a 2004 Jeep Liberty Limited to Electric

I would like to convert a 2004 Jeep Liberty Limited into electric. Complete noob here. Any advice or suggestions would help. It's max weight is 5600

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Types of Fuel Cells

The different types of fuel cells are used for various jobs, from powering cell phones to generating electricity for power grids.

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Fuel Cell Technology: Is it really BS or what?

Is fuel cell technology just an expensive distraction that diverts research and development dollars away from electric car battery research? Or are fuel cells a helpful tool for reducing global carbon emissions?

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Compact Mazda 626 Conversion

I am looking at converting my 95 Mazda 626, but I’m finding that most conversions end up being very bulky. I was wondering if it is at all possible to

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Fuel Cell Cars: Overview

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are electric cars. (Or are they?)

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Problems With Hydrogen Fuel Cells

With all the advantages - fast refuelling, long range, the joy of electric drive...are there still problems with hydrogen fuel cells? You bet.

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