Which EV Battery is Best for my Electric Motor?

by Marshall
(Tullytown, Pa, USA)

I plan on using the NetGain Warp 9inch motor, and I am not sure how many amp hours should I need?

Hi, Marshall!
This depends on "how much weight your conversion can bear", balanced by "how far you want to travel between charges".

Amp hours, also known as AH, are the "number of amps your battery contains" times the "number of hours it can deliver them". (This is not quite literal, it's just a unit of measurement.)
The more amp hours your battery has, the heavier it will be, but the more miles you'll get between charges, all other things being equal.

In terms of what people are actually using in their electric cars, driving down the road today? 100-200 AH is normal.


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Batteries: Voltage and Range

by Al

How many batteries do I need to run my car? Do more batteries increase the range of my car?

Hi, Al -
The number of batteries depends entirely on the car, and the voltage of your system. There are people with 72 volt systems, and others with 320 volts.

DC conversions that run on the freeway tend to have 120 volts or more.

AC conversions tend to have something like 300 volts, optimally.

More batteries do not increase the range of your car, unless you are wiring them in parallel. More batteries mean more VOLTS, while range is determined by AMP HOURS (AH) - and other things.


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How Many Batteries for my EV?

by Keith
(Verona, NJ)

How many batteries and what size electric engine do I need to power my 1975 BMW 2002? Does any one have a universal kit (wiring, batteries, safety switches and etc) for a 1975 BMW 2002?

Hi, Keith!

I've seen these on the EV Photo Album, and people are running them anywhere from 96 volts (8 12v batteries) to 156 (13 batteries).

That's assuming 12v batteries, which are NOT best in DC motor systems. (6v and 8v work better because of DC controllers tendency to suck up as many amps as you can offer them. 12v are best for AC systems...and drag racing, of course; )

What size electric motor for your conversion? Try a 9" motor, that should be fine. Depends on what you want to do with it.

The EV conversion kit? You can get a kit from KTA Services, Metric Mind, Electro Automotive, a few other places.

Good luck with your project!


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