I Want To Buy an All-Electric Car

by Zebediah

Steve Hawkins' Rav-4 EV

Steve Hawkins' Rav-4 EV

Where can I find electric converted cars/Rav-4's for sale?

Hey, Zeb!
Keep an eye on Ebay. I've collected all the best ones together (for electric cars and conversions) on my electric cars for sale page (scroll down for the Ebay listings), check it out!

Or, go to your Nissan dealer and order a Leaf.

Or, get a custom electric vehicle built from Venus Motors, a Spyder replica with lithium batteries.

Just a couple of thoughts; )


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Bring on the ZENN
by: Gord

The way our economy is in Ontario, with the loss of jobs in the Auto industry, and the fact that you can buy a ZENN through dealerships in forty eight states, who was the rocket scientist that decided that Ontario should do a five year pilot project to test whether or not they would be allowed in Ontario.

Our premier goes to Italy to try and woo Fiat into putting a plant here. Why not save the money and just put the ZENN on the roads here, even if you wanted to restrict them from the 400 series highways. Then they would be built in Canada, by Canadians. And, the profits would stay here.

The motor scooters which they finally allowed on the roads, happen to be one of our worst polluters, and most of the time only carry one passenger, and they will be off the roads (we hope) in the wintertime. The ZENN can carry
four people and in my household my fuel expense
(try the test on their site) would drop from about $2800.00 a year down to $58.00.

Allowing the ZENN now would also put us way ahead of the competition which is on it's way to our doorstep, as Mitsubishi, Honda, Chevrolet, and Ford are all working hard to complete an electric car by 2010, we have a two year lead on them.

If the Province wants to reduce emissions drastically and also slow down general traffic speeds, then this makes sense. John Tory said that McGinty could have these vehicles on the road by late Fall if he wanted to push it, and my
thinking is exactly the same. Can't wait to drop those fuel bills down.

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