Is a Generator an OK Electric Car Motor?

by Robin
(Vancouver BC)

I own a dc electric motor. Is it more suitable to build an electric car or motorcycle?

Motor details:
honeywell rediline motor generator
input 36vdc
output 120vac
60 hrz

Dan Bentler says:
What you have is a motor generator. I see no reason to take it apart - it has more value as MG. 36 volt indicates it may be from a military application which may not be bad.
The motor is about a 2.3 HP motor and may be underpowered to do what you want.

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That's a specialty item
by: Anonymous

Your redi-lines is a rare accessory for a 36vdc electric forklift or tractor. It would be a shame to turn it into a low quality even motor.

You could trade it for something more suitable for your needs or sell it and buy a nice Etek.

Redi-Line won't work as a drive motor
by: m_c_0101

The Redi-Line units are a DC permanent magnetic motor and AC generator on a common armature. The AC generator can't be removed without rewinding the armature.
Also, the closest thing to an output shaft is nub the fan is attached to.

I would recommend selling the unit and using the money toward a more appropriate motor. Being the 1600 watt version, you should be able to easily find a buyer at an online auction or

cart before the horse
by: KGround

You are putting the cart before the horse if, like most of us, what you want is to make a vehicle you can ride. If you are looking for a project to burn up a lot of time on and maybe learn something, but probably not get a usable vehicle, then keep on with this motor.

1) Pick the vehicle first, then choose what motor or drive system you want. There are plenty of choices and compromises to be made with this approach, enough so that you will not miss the problems of trying to design a vehicle around a motor you already have.

2) That motor, even if you use just the motor part looks too small for anything you can ride. Maybe good for a scooter or bike helper motor, maybe something like that.

You can look at the size of the motor to get a rough idea of what it will do for you. For a freeway-speed small car you will need a motor which is at least 6-8" in diameter. For a NEV or slow motorcycle a DC motor around 4-6" in diameter might be adequate. Add a couple of inches to these numbers for off the shelf AC motors, and keep in mind that the only successful EV conversions I have ever heard of with AC motors use purpose-built motors designed specifically for EV use - the standard off the shelf industrial motors are just too wimpy or too heavy for EV use.

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