Long Distance Electric Car Motor

by Dan H
(SW Missouri)

I'm building an EV conversion that must travel long distances at a time.

I have a car that weighs 2,000-2,200 lb (2,500 loaded), has sufficient aux. gen. (charge-as-you-go) capabilities, and is traveling at 75 MPH, and must run for 26-30 hours with 5-10 min. breaks/stops every 2-3 hours.

1) Is AC or DC ($40,000+ monsters do not count) best?

2) Can the current crop of off-the-shelf motors (AC or DC) practically and feasability (read: expense of powertrain) able to run like this for 20 or more cycles as outlined without burning up, or needing rebuilding?

Hi, Dan -
Electric car motors are workhorses with very few moving parts, as you probably know.

Let me put it this way: if you've had an old Toyota - I've owned a couple now - you know that at 100,000 miles the engine is just about broken in. At 300,000 miles, if you've taken care, it's still pretty tight. Toyota makes some good gas-guzzler engines.

Well, electric motors (AC, DC, either one for purposes of this discussion) put Toyota to shame. At 500,000 miles, your electric car motor is still young. (This is one of the reasons electric cars keep getting killed, I suppose - because they refuse to die of natural causes; )

Having said that...heat is your motor's enemy, and your controller's as well. Get a big-enough motor for the job so that the rpms stay in the happy place at 75 mph, and your planned marathon should be no problem.

Or I should say, if you have a problem on your marathon, it won't be the motor.

And finally, all things being equal, I think I'd go with an AC motor. I try not to be biased about it, I'm not taking money from HPEVS, but they just make a good AC motor and controller for a lot less money than anyone else.


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Conversion of Diesel to Electric
by: Gaja

Hi friends.
I own a 1997 Fiat 1100D running on diesel and is pretty good on mileage.
It gives around 46-47 mpg in city drive and goes up to 56-58 mpg on Highways. At the least, 40 mpg in good traffic.
It's a manual 4+1(R) transmission.

It has commendable pick up and torque on lower gears.

It starts and runs even on 2nd or 3rd gear very smoothly (haven't checked with top gear yet)

My car's specifications:
The car is a 4 door saloon (sedan) type body with a front located engine delivering its power to the rear wheels (RWD)

Type - Naturally Aspirated Diesel Engine.
Kerb weight is 965 kg.
Its max speed is close to 140 km/h (87 mph)

Wheelbase - 2420 mm
Track/tread (front) - 1330 mm
Track/tread (rear) - 1300 mm
LxBxH - 4050x1610x1435 mm
Length:Wheelbase Ratio - 1.67
Kerb Weight - 965 kg (2127 lb)
Fuel Tank - 39 litres
Engine Capacity - 1.4L Diesel 1367cc (83.419 cu in)
Bore × Stroke - 78 × 71.5 mm
Bore/Stroke Ratio - 1.09
Valve Gear - Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) Engine with 2 valves per cylinder (8 valves in total)

Max Power Output (DIN) - 45 bhp (34 kW) at 4500 rpm
Specific output (DIN) - 30 bhp/litre
Sump - Wet sumped
Compression Ratio - 21:1
Fuel System - Diesel Injection Pump
Engine coolant - Water
Unitary capacity - 341.75 cc

Power-to-Weight Ratio:
43.08 PS/tonne (1000 kg)
31.68 kW/tonne (1000 kg)
42.49 bhp/tonne (1000 kg)
0.02 bhp/lb

Weight-to-Power Ratio:
31.56 kg/kW
52.72 lb/bhp

Top Gear Ratio - 1
Final Drive Ratio - 4.30

Though I'm happy with the performance of my daily driver, due to the increased & strict pollution norms, I've to give up it or to change to green fuel.

I think it's not sanity to go for CNG-Diesel due to its lesser reliability issues and finding a good mechanic for service matters.

I consider for converting it to Full Electric or a Diesel Hybrid.

What kind of motor (DC/AC), motor spec, controller/inverter should I choose..!??

Also should I keep the transmission or eliminate it for the conversion..!??

I prefer long run (mileage worthy) rather than drag race or show off car...

Any help out there will be great and appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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