Pump Motors Okay for Electric Cars?

by Sid Lambert
(Austin Texas )

Is it possible to size a commercial 3ph 5hp
motor to an inverter?
I have several motors used as pumps that are looking for a home and the possibility of using them for electric cars would be a great way to recycle some of these used but very good motors.

Hi, Sid -
Probably not.
Sorry to say it, but I heard from the folks discussing forklift salvage that pump motors are not great for EVs - you want a traction motor. They were talking primarily about DC motors, and the pump motors were usually not series wound, but I think the logic still holds.

On the other hand...SOME motor is better than NO motor, and I have to admit, free is a really good price.

I'm not being very much help, sorry. Anybody else have something to say about this?


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