Question about AC Motors

by Louis R. Whitt
(Pulaski, TN. US)

A X-90 Similar 2 Mine, but mine is 2x4

A X-90 Similar 2 Mine, but mine is 2x4

1.Do all AC Motors have regenerative braking?

2.Is a 1800 rpm 100 hp 3-phase 208-230/460V TEFC cast iron 405TC frame Class F insulation NEMA design B electrically reversible C Face mounting cast iron mounting feet cast iron junction box steel fan cover 5:1 variable torque rating 2:1 constant torque rating General purpose AC Motor Good Enough for My X-90?

3. Can I add Solar Panels, with the Regenerative Braking Ability for longer Distances Between Charges? Can a Wind Generator Combined with Old Car Fan, or House fan Blade under Hood to produce a longer charge as well? If so How far Can I go, and how fast with this motor?

4. I'm Thinking of using 12v Optima Batteries for Pack. Is this a good idea? How far will these Batteries get me?

Hi, Lewis -
1. Regenerative braking is a function of your AC motor's controller (a VFD), not so much the motor itself. So yes, all AC drive systems can have regen braking, with the VFD set up to do so, and they should. It's just to good to pass up.

2. Ask the guys over at the EVDL, because I don't know specific motor specs, and they will.

3. Solar panels, wind opinion is that these don't add much to your range. The regen braking will be a lot more bang for your buck. Do put solar panels on your house, though, for recharging the car. Infinity free miles!

4. I hear perfectly good reports from Optima's 12v batteries (12v are a good choice for AC), but better reports from Interstate/USB.


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Have you weighed it yet ?
by: KGround

1) Have you considered the weight of that motor ?

If it is a standard industrial type motor as your description implies, I would be surprised if it weighs much less than 3/4 of a ton. WAY too heavy for any normal vehicle conversion, especially when you consider the aded weight of batteries.

That is a major problem with all industrial three phase motors - weight is just not usually a consideration so they are made heavy.

2) I question that you really need that much horsepower for a car or small truck. Remember, that is an industrial continuous duty rating and you can probably push a three phase motor to 3 or 4 times (or more) of its continuous duty rating for short periods of acceleration (not as effectiviely as with a DC motor, but significant overtorque is available if you have the VFD output to suppport it). A normal car or light truck is only using 10-25 Hp while cruising at highway speeds. That is more like the continuous duty rating you should be considering. IMHO...

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