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1-6v 200ah..vs...2 12v 100ah
by: Anonymous

Hello, can I use 1 6v 200ah battery in my 22'RV vs 2,12v 100ah ?

You will need to keep the voltage the same. You can change the AH to get more run time, that's okay, as long as all the batteries on the circuit have the same capacity; but you'll need 4 6v batteries to replace 2 12v ones.

Golf cart batteries
by: James

I hv a 207 club car golf cart. Has 6 batteries. Can you use a rv marine battery instead of a golf cart battery in golf cart

Yes, but you won't be happy. Marine batteries don't hold up as well as golf cart batteries in the golf cart. I have heard this from people who have put marine batteries in their electric car conversions because they found a deal on them.

Golf is harsh?
by: The murphy

So what you are saying is that putting around on a manicured lawn is more harsh than bouncing over the lake or ocean at a high rate of speed? I don't get that.

Well, it's not just the bouncing; it's also about the c-rate. A golf cart battery is designed to last a long time under conditions where it is being asked to deliver a lot of power at once, over and over again; accelerating from 0-25 mph under load. That is harsh. Golf cart batteries excel at this.

An RV battery is for running your lights and your stove and whatnot, not so demanding a job, so they don't have to be so tough.

Hope this helps.

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