Small NIMH Batteries to Power an Electric Car?

by ManZie
(Naples, FL)

I have several hundred 7.4v 1100 mah NIMH batteries. Can I wire them together to make a battery pack large enough to power an AC electric car?

Hi, ManZie -

Yes. But.

The "yes" part comes in when I answer that theoretically, yes, it can be done. Tesla famously powers their roadster with several thousand small lithium ion cells.

The "but"? As many small cells as you have, you also have connections.

When in the bumping, jostling, vibrating environment of a moving vehicle, connections have a tendency to work themselves loose. Imagine checking several hundred - or several thousand - delicate little connections.

Still, I understand how hard it is to have a bunch of batteries sitting around just begging to be used. And since they're free, meaning you've already got them...why not give it a try?


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Using your batteries ( cells).
by: Anonymous

I think you want to know how to use them.

Two connected in series will give twice the voltage but the same current.
Two connected in parallel will give twice the current, 2200mA at the same voltage, 7.4 was it?
If you series up enough to give the voltage you need, say 148 volts you will need 20 cells.

That can only supply 1100mA.( 1.1Amp)

If you need say 110 Amps that will need 100 groups of the previous 20 cell- thats 2000 cells to give 148v @ 110Amps.

This would be a power of 16.28 KWatt

I'm interested in purchasing your batteries

I'm interested in purchasing your batteries if the price is right. A friend of mine runs his Daytona Cobra on thousands of "D" cell sized A123 batts he salvaged from Dewalt power paks. The lady is right about connections too!. He had a connection break within a year and started a fire in his pack. Tesla reportedly suspends their batts in a gel.

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