The Groovy Sparrow Electric Car

Remember this car from the movie?? I have the song in my head right now: )

In Austin Powers, Goldmember drives the shagadelic Sparrow electric car (the one in the middle is his).

If it were me, I'd have driven this one instead of the blue mini, Austin!

It has got to be the most fashionable, commentable, follow-me-around buggy ever BUILT. I understand Roger Rabbit drove one of these, too.

So here's what you need to know about this fabulously chic three wheel electric car: First, Sparrow now belongs to Myers Motors, who bought it from Corbin some time ago, then made a bunch of improvements on the original design and brought down the price. Second - and here's the bad news - you can still find the Sparrow around on Ebay or whatever, but they're not actually in production now.

Interview with Sparrow Inventor

Sparrow Electric Car Details

  • It's fast! Drive your Sparrow on the freeway in the diamond lanes. The top speed is 75mph, but it will do 60 easily.
  • Range: About 30 miles with lead batteries. For most of us, that'll get us to work or school where we can charge up again before heading home. (You can always switch the lead for lithium!)
  • Colors:These come in like 13 COLORS, including teal, aqua, and lilac. Or, if you've got something special in mind, just tell them what you want and they'll customize it for you! How about your dog grooming business logo? A rolling advertisement! Just make sure it's legal to park commercial vehicles on the street in your town first...
  • Passengers: Well...none. Just you. The Sparrow is ideal for commuting and running errands. Honestly, look around you on the road tomorrow. How many people do you see in each car most of the time? One. The drawback? All your friends are going to want to ride in it, and there's no room! Guess they're just going to have to get their own;)
  • Onboard Charger: Just plug the Sparrow into any ordinary 110v grounded outlet. If you'd plug in your computer or your iPad there, you can plug in your car there, too.
  • Operational costs: Cheap. Kiss the gas pump goodbye and charge up for fifty cents.
  • Tunes:CD player. IPod adaptor, anyone?
  • Price:The Sparrow costs only 24K new. Now, of course, you can find them used for even less.

Driving the Sparrow

Visit the Sparrow Electric Car Website, Myers Motors

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