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Alternative to UQM Motor$$$...
by: Engineer

I offer kits with technology similar to UQM / AC Propulsion Motors + Controllers, but at more reasonable prices. with power from 0.5 KW to 200 KW. Regenerative braking and regenerative up. Really cool ..?
I live in Santiago de Chile.
I converted 2009 Dodge Caliber and Toyota Tundra, 2011 EV successfully for Australian customers.

I am an Electrical Engineer and Inventor. Developing technologies for all electric vehicles.

You can contact me at: giturriaga1(at)hotmail(dot)com

Best Regards from CHILE..!!

Try Evo-Electric
by: Anonymous

UQM are good. Take a look at Evo-Electric aswell, They are in my opinion they are lighter, smaller, better torque/Kg and look fkn kewl...and cheaper.

I have one of their motors to put into my EV: and it cost me 11'000 AUD for 1 motor without controller. For larger quantities I am sure that will come down alot.

Also consider the Tritium Wavesculptor 200 (very well matched controller to this motor)

Juat a few thoughts


Thanks for the response
by: Tom Villars

UQM has been doing well over the last 9 months which is more than can be said for a lot of companies let alone green companies.

Here is a link to the complete product line:

I co-moderate the blog and was wondering if you've been following EEStor. They are claiming to have an ultracpaticity energy storage technology that will obsolete all li-ion batteries.

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