Why are Electric Car Motors so Expensive?

by Randy

I was wondering why the electric motors and the conversion process is so expensive. Motors are like $2000 gas engines don't cost that much. I wanted to do this take a car throw the engine away and make an electric car that goes maybe 60 to 70 mph on the freeway and get 60 to 100 miles range, then when I priced it out and thought wow it really expensive and take 10 year of driving on electric power to get my money back from not using gas.

Hi, Randy -
I suppose it's a matter of volume. Engines don't cost as much as comparable electric motors because they don't make as many of them, maybe. (Somebody else feel free to chime in; )

You can do a really cheap conversion if you're so inclined, though, and willing to put in the work.

Grades of EV conversion costs

Expensive conversion: Have somebody else do it for you, and pay retail for new EV components.

Cheaper conversion: Buy somebody else's EV project and finish it. They've already done the heavy investing, and are now happy to have somebody else move the marriage-busting, half-done lawn ornament out of the garage, even if they're losing money in the deal, which they are.

Cheap conversion: Scavenge electric car parts from a used forklift, and sell the unwanted gas-gobbler bits that have any value. Ebay is your new best friend.

The question is, how much work are you willing to put in to bring the price down?


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Convert my "Stang to elctric
by: 746 Kw

The garage that setup my Mustang GT said it is rated at 485 hp. How big an electric motor and battery do I need to convert without a loss of performance?

Big oil opposes electric cars and posses costly opposition.
by: Anonymous

The cost of war on terror have been calculated. The cost of the war on the EV have not!
The health care costs due to internal combustion engine pollution thrust upon humanity far exceed the war on terror. The $1 fine against conspiracy suit against GM firestone & mach truck for buying off electric trolly systems across country was a perversion of Justice.

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