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Charging batteries
by: Anonymous

Will it hurt if I keep my cart plugged in and charging at all times when not in use?

If you've got flooded lead acid batteries, like most golf cart batteries tend to be, then that's exactly the right thing to do. They like to stay topped up. Discharge them only a little, like 10%? Doesn't matter. Top it up. No harm, only benefit. Your smart charger will manage the "float" part of the charge cycle, the very top, and turn itself off and on periodically as needed.

If you're going to store it over the winter, that's where it gets tricky. I think I would unplug it after its fully charged and let it sit until spring.


Because circuit breakers trip, chargers fail, fuses blow, lightning know, life. Your charger tries its best, but it's just not clever enough to solve some problems. Best not to ask too much of it.

It shouldn't self-discharge disastrously much in 6 months. If you're going to store it longer than that, put it on the charger every 6 months or so.

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