Zap electric cars: Into the future

Remember these cute little Zap electric cars, painted in zebra stripes?

You can still find those around, but Zap isn't making these anymore. Instead, they are moving forward into a new electric car age! Zap has partnered with Jonway, a Chinese manufacturing company, to offer some new electric vehicles that look very promising. 

Zap is making several electric vehicles besides electric cars, as well, like the Zapino and the Zappy 3. We'll give each of them a look.

For investors, Zap Jonway is a publicly traded company (stock symbol: ZAAP).

Zap Electric Cars Overview

Zap Electric Cars

Note: Most of the Zap electric cars are anticipated to be offered in the US only for fleet sales in 2012.

Update: It's 2018 - where is it?? I want!!

The A380 EV-3 is a small SUV, three doors, that is 100% electric. It has a 32 kwh LiFePO4 battery pack which gives it 100 miles of range and a top speed of 72 mph.

This is such a cute little "crossover" SUV - it reminds me of the Toyota Rav-4, for some reason.

I'd definitely drive one of these! It's got room for two passengers and some cargo room in the back.

The A380 EV-5 is a bigger SUV with five doors, also 100% electric. It has a 36 kwh LiFePO4 battery pack, also claiming a 100 mile range and a top speed of 72 mph.

The ALIAS is Zap's sporty-looking three wheel electric vehicle. You might remember it from the x-prize competition. It's being offered for $38,500, and features a per-mag motor and a 32 kwh lithium battery pack.

If you're curious - I was! - you can read a little more about the history of Zap, the Alias and the X-prize here. Spoiler: Zap has been involved with EVs for quite a while, made some odd bedfellows, and converted a lot of really strange-looking vehicles to electric: )

Zap's Other EV's

The Zapino. This is the beefy (3000 watt), full-sized Zap electric scooter that's been around for quite a while now. These have a 60 volt system, will go 30 mph, and Zap is claiming a range of 55 miles. It weighs a little over 300 lbs, and carries 330 pounds max. 

The Dude. Electric ATV. Awesome. I just love the idea of going out into nature and having fun with an all-electric ATV! I guess some folks use these for work, too, because it's got 650 pound towing capacity! It goes 25 mph and has a range of 25 miles, and it is for off-road purposes only. 

The Zappy-3. The Zappy has undergone some changes over the years, starting out as something that looked a lot like a Segway, and now looks more like a mobility scooter. Zap is calling it the perfect EV for your RV; ) 

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