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Charge On!, Issue #010: Myers Motors Test Drivers Wanted
November 20, 2009

Hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

Myers Motors wants YOU.

Myers Motors is looking for 10 test pilots for their new pre-production highway-capable NmG.

Does this mean you get a free car? Um, not quite. It means that you get a pretty good price, though: 25K for 60 mile range, 30K for 80-100 mile range.

You get:

  • ...a good price on your car;
  • expense-paid trip to Myers Motors headquarters;
  • drive their new car before anybody else does;
  • ...instant EV celebrity. If you like that sort of thing.

Myers Motors wants:

  • to work out minor bugs on your own. They'll pay for the fix, but they'd be really happy if you were EV savvy enough to know what to do;
  • on what you find when you drive it;
  • to chat them up on CNN, NBC, ABC, or whatever networks and news outlets you can manage to seduce with your cute new EV;
  • to contribute blog posts for them.

If this sounds like your idea of a good time, see this page of their website for more information.

NetGain does Controllers Now!

I got this press release from NetGain yesterday.

"NetGain Controls, Inc. introduces their WarP Drive motor controller.

NetGain Controls, Inc has announced the availability of a high powered, liquid cooled controller for series wound DC motors commonly used in electric vehicles. Deliveries are scheduled to begin immediately.

Some of this product's features include: CANbus, super-silent operation, 1400+ torque producing amps, high-voltage capabilities, and expandability to future features through a unique software update process. The controller includes top-mount terminals for high-power connections. Low-voltage connections use automotive style connectors for a simple installation and reliable, OEM-quality operation. Many processes, such as automatic pre-charging, happen behind the scenes to make the controller operation as simple as possible.

Multiple microprocessors verify correct operation throughout the system, and shut it down if anything isn't working properly.

Add-on features like high-quality data logging, user-interface display, and speed sensor monitoring are also available."

(I edited the hype out, as will sometimes happen when you send me a press release. The point is, NetGain makes the best DC motor in the business, or one of the best, and now they're also building a controller to go with it. I'll bet it's pretty good, too; )

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That's all the news for November! Stay well!


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