Electric Car Conversion like a Tesla

by Matt
(Rhode Island)

I'm interested in a full electric conversion, AC motor,lithium batteries, controller, etc. Do you know of a company that sells such a kit or have a list of suppliers that I can go to for these high end components. I'd love to know the exact components in the Tesla from the controller to transmission.

Hi, Matt -
Sounds like you'd like to build your own Tesla, huh?

As a matter of fact, all that's standing between you and the electric car of your dreams is CASH, my ambitious friend; )

This seems to be a secret, but I'll tell you, and you can tell everybody else: bring a wad of cash, and you can have all the electric sports car you can drive, right away, not "pay your 100K up front, get on a list and wait".

How? Buy a conversion.

I talked to Paul Liddle of CoolGreenCar.net (follow the link for his contact information, bottom of the page) and he can build you any electric sports car you'd like, pick your flavor, order up your batteries (yes, he's got lithium), and choose your drive system.

As far as the Tesla system is concerned? I don't know, exactly. It's proprietary now. They started out with AC Propulsion stuff, as good as you can get, but have since parted ways with them.

Another company that sells top-of-the-line EV components is Metric Mind.

Thanks for writing in - hope this helps!


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The Tesla drive motor & controller
by: Anonymous


ev build
by: matt

Wow, i posted that comment a long time ago....

AC is the way to go. Spoke to and tried to buy PML's hi-pa drives for the project they are still having problems with the controllers but did get them in a mini, volvo and a ford 150 now. 640hp isn't bad. wont sell public or to small business. the batteries are easy but expensive, the car chassis--- well "i got a guy".

thanks for the tip.

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