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Charge On!, Issue #008: Affordable Electric Car Conversions
June 30, 2009

Build Your Own

It's all about the affordable electric car conversions this month: First, I got a chance to interview Paul Holmes on the subject of his open source DC controller project, plus a bunch of other stuff about how he converted his little blue VW bug to electric for about $2200, and what parts he used to do that. If you want to learn how to build your own DC controller, Paul will be teaching a class on that subject at EV University very soon.

Speaking of EV University...'s coming along very nicely; )

EVU's up and running, but not quite open for business. Hang on, we're making the courses great, and that takes a little time!

The faculty now includes Jim Husted, Lee Hart, Mike Willmon, Seth Leitman, and Gerry Gaydos. Not to drop any names or anything, but if you don't already know these guys, seriously, you've gotta get out more.

The platform for EV University is the Linux-based Moodle VLE (virtual learning environment), which I'm really excited about because I had no idea it existed before, but it's exactly what we needed. Several times better than I expected. And really, really cool; )

Awesome AC Conversion

This DIY AC conversion is just the best one I've ever seen. It was built by a first-time EV converter, too - Eric Tischer. He bought an old Ford Ranger EV motor, then couldn't find a controller for it (they only want to sell motors and controllers TOGETHER as a package deal), so built his own. You can read about his homebuilt inverter here. Even though he blew up two inverters getting it right, the project still only cost about 20 thousand. He figures he could do it for 15K, including the donor car, with what he knows now.

Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

This new book from Seth Leitman (of "Build Your Own Electric Vehicle" fame) just came in the mail (well, UPS really) this afternoon. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, just thought I'd mention it.

Good luck to the NEDRA drag racers at the Wayland Invitational in Portland July 24-25! (With this race, NEDRA is raising money for a good cause, too; to get a service dog for an autistic boy.)

Regards, Lynne

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