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Electric Boat Conversion With Generator

by Tim

I want to convert my 30 ft. boat's V8 gas-guzzlers to 2 DC electric motors that run with a 10KW generator. I'm going to have batteries for running lights, bilge pumps etc., but I want to run the motors with a generator only. What would I need?

Hi, Tim -
I think you're asking a lot from a 10 KW generator.

If you've got more than one big V8 engine powering your boat, you can figure on one big DC motor (A NetGain TransWarp 11 or 13?) with its own big (30-40kw? More?) generator to give you the same kind of power.

In a car, the size of the generator is really dependent on how much acceleration you need, because that's where you burn the energy. The boat is pretty much the same, I think. You need the most energy to take off, then less after you reach cruising speed. Right?
The trouble here is that if you don't have any storage batteries, you need a larger generator to provide enough power for acceleration.

You didn't say why you don't want to use batteries to run your motors, but I guess you've got a good reason.
Me, I'd prefer a battery pack to a bigger generator.

Good luck with your project, Tim!


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another hybrid boat repower project
by: imwoody36

I am repowering a cabin cruiser with a hybrid drive system from a Prius.
I have realistic expectations about speed.
( low) Our intended use is in lakes, and weekend camping onboard. I intend for the hybrid system to provide my climate control for the cabin, and also the 12 volt cabin power supply, I have the skills with the prius system to accomplish this.
my question to the forum is this:
when connecting the drive shaft from the toyota transmission to the mercruiser alpha outdrive,
does anyone have experience with automotive grade CV axles? specifically should I replace them with a heavy duty equivalent?
I welcome comments about the transmission mating in particular as my experience is with control systems

great idea
by: Anonymous

I think that electric boat is a great idea.

Already some are in production. we will have to comme up with some kind of hybride.

so you need a good water cooled electric motor.
a battery pack
a generator

I think that pontoon are great candidate for electric

I have a 21 ft starcraft islander that could also be a very good conversion platform because of its size and light weight.

What would you do
by: Phil

I also have a 30 foot cruiser and would like to look at electric power. I have twin 460 Ford's and I was thinking of putting in an electric motor in between these monsters so that I could put along 1 to 5 knots. Most of the time I'm not in a hurry and speed is not what I'm looking for.
I could put a shaft in between the two existing motors and the rest could go in front of the motors. I would say you have two feet of area in front of the engines that you could free up easily by moving the four batteries and hot water tank to another area on the boat.

Cars and Boats not equivalent
by: Roger

Unlike a car, which requires more energy to accelerate and less to cruise, a boat faces constant high drag due to water density. Drag when the boat is on a plane is somewhat reduced, but still much higher that the drag on a car at cruise. the most efficient speed for a boat is at hull speed, which for a 30' boat is around 6-7 knots (if i remember right). There is a mathematical formula for calculating hull speed. If you spend most of your boat time off plane, then you can use a smaller electric motor to replace the V8.

boat conversion gas to electric
by: Greg

Im thinking of buying a boat in the 35 ft range.
I would prefer diesel over gas but would eventually like elec. I can buy a 35 footer with twin gas engines cheap right now. My question is how long do you think it will take for a more simple, and more power conversion to come along.

Hi, Greg -
Why don't you do you own conversion? I'm never fond of waiting for somebody else to do something. That's just me; )

- Lynne

A link to check out..
by: Anonymous

Just a thought for you to check out.


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