Electric Car Conversion Using E-Golf Power Train

by Jeff
(San Diego, CA)

I own a '19 VW E-golf and would love to transplant the electric powertrain into an old beetle or possibly a Thing (if I can find one cheap enough). Would this be feasible or is just buying parts separately a better way to go. I think it would be fun to have a 1600 lb beetle with an 130hp electric motor!!

Hi, Jeff -
I think this is a great idea!

An electric drive system that already works together is a good thing.
Transplanting it to a different car, the only consideration is weight and space - and people do this kind of thing all the time, now that OEM electric car salvage is becoming more widely available.

Questions to answer include...

Will the components fit in the given space?

Will you have to build adapters and brackets to make them fit correctly and not rattle, break, or come loose?

Are you going to have to beef up suspension and brakes on a car that was originally designed to be lighter than it now is?

What are you going to do about the computer-driven bits and bobs that your e-golf already had integrated into the car? Traction control, crash response system, quick charging, etc.

...if you're happy with your answers to these questions, carry on.

I ran your question past Green Shed Conversions this morning, and they said:

"Yes, pretty much all of this can be done. We just used salvaged batteries in a WV here at our shop.

There are videos posted on our Youtube channel.

We're glad to answer any of his questions if he wants to contact us. LEAF, TESLA, any of these can be put in almost ANY car and reused with very little modification.

SPOOFING the computer is not always easy, and sometimes better just to wire direct, but it can be done."

I hope this helps, and I hope you make videos of your conversion project, Jeff!


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