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rewire it... I'm just sayin'
by: fitela

The Prius uses modules connected in series for the battery pack. the earlier cars had 38 modules, each module is 6.5Ah at 7.2vdc nominal. If you flip every other module then one side of the pack is postive and the other is negative and with a long 'busbar' on each side you have 7.2vdc at 247Ah (this is how I recharge and balance my old pack) it will take a max charge of 8.4vdc with the charging amps dropping to about 2.25amps after about 8 hours, after 36hrs off charge voltage settles to about 7.85vdc taking about 2 weeks to drop to 7.2vdc. If one were to rewire such that 2 modules in series and these 'pairs' connected in parallel then it would be ~15vdc at ~124Ah. If that isn't enough then just add more... just don't forget the cooling fan aaaaannnnnnnnnnddddddd Never ever exceed 8.4vdc per module... ever!

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