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Global Warming Hoax: Free lunch!

The biggest global warming hoax of all is the silly notion that you can rape, pillage, and plunder the Earth forever in the name of PROFIT and never have to pay the consequences.

chinese woman farmer

Around the world, most of us women are FARMERS. We have to tend the garden to put food on the table. Maybe not in your neck of the woods, maybe not these days...but maybe your mother or grandmother did. Mine sure did.

Our mothers and grandmothers knew, and every gardener knows: you can't just keep taking and taking from the earth without putting anything back. You might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later if you don't feed your soil, your little plot won't provide you any more beans.

woman and daughter farming

There's no court of appeals, either; it doesn't matter to the dirt if it wasn't economically convenient to replenish the garden this year.

You either learn to give back as a HABIT, by composting your kitchen scraps, chicken... um... byproducts and such, letting the clover take over in spots and turning it under, letting the soil rest...

...or you learn the hard way.

It's just paying the bills, responsible grown-up human behavior, an INVESTMENT in the future. Something that soulless corporations (and their supporters) would never think to do, because it's not immediately PROFITABLE.

Raging Grannies Protesting Halliburton and BP

All the invisible work doesn't get done by magic...

Bhutan woman and child

There are lots of things we women do, and have done over the centuries, that have made the world go round - even though they didn't really "count" because they weren't profit-oriented...

  • caring for children;
  • teaching the children, both yours and others;
  • cleaning the places nobody can see;
  • washing the falling-apart blankie by hand after the little one is asleep;
  • remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and everyone's phone number;
  • taking care of Grandma when she's old and sick;
  • baking cookies for the school fundraiser...

You know what I'm talking about, because you do it, too - all the work we do after the "real" workday is over. This stuff has to get done, or the home-and-family falls apart...whether or not you can justify the time you spend on it to the shareholders.; )

Same with the planet, isn't it? One big family, one big home.

Walk to Ban Nuclear Waste in Saskatchewan

Profits for Whom?

A few selfish profiteers have been allowed to take and take from the family home...

  • clear-cutting the forests;
  • burning fossil fuels;
  • strip-mining the minerals from the land;
  • polluting the ocean,lakes, and rivers;
  • dumping toxic waste on Indian land;
  • taking advantage of the poor by stealing their natural resources and killing them when they dare to fight back;

...and the home is now beginning to show the effects. The bills are coming due, payable immediately.

Nigerian Oil Spill Protest

Sucks to be us 99%...

Tonk woman and children

Somebody's gotta pay, and the corporations (and their supporters) don't care who that is, as long as it's not THEM. It's just good BUSINESS to rake off the profits and get somebody else to pay the costs, like our children and grandchildren.

That's not good business: That's STEALING. And it's NOT okay (just as long as it happens to somebody else) and it's not without consequences (like terrorism, maybe?).

Corporate thugs, I'm talking to you now: grow up and pay your own bills, and for heaven's sake, leave our babys' piggybank ALONE!

Just like Grandma used to say...

...there's no such thing as a free lunch!


National Solar Energy Plan


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No Helplessness

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