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1 =144 volt battery
by: Don

So what I received these post is my one 144 can go either way 12-volt or 6 volt~ 12x12=144 ~24x6 = 144
Is the controller all i need to change ?
144 volt battery from a electric vehicle
Installing in a electric golf cart 82 to 85 model
They're telling me I can't do it
They're both ev's
Thankful for any words of wisdom
Thank you for your time and your thoughts
It's a really good day
Always Grateful

Hi, Don -
That's a lot of volts for a golf cart. They are usually 36 or 48 volts. Your golf cart motor probably isn't up to the demands of 144 volts.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but I guess I'm with the other people you've talked to who are saying it's not a good idea.

- Lynne

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