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RV batteries - which type?
by: Dave Robie Weymouth MA

Had a Winne 22 RV and found that 2 golf cart 6V batteries in series lasted longer without lights dimming than 2 12V same physical size car batteries in parallel. The stock charger handled them fine. Same with the 24" sailboat I used to run in the Boston harbor area. I kept a gallon of distilled water in both and a battery filler - as distilled water can be hard to find on a trip.

by: mbahr

Ahhh, except, the marine (deep cycle) batteries have a very different profile for the level and endurance of the current. They have different plates than a typical 6V battery which is just charged with light duty use. The RV systems are DESIGNED around deep cycle, and the inverters and charging circuits are expecting that. Substituting batteries with different charging and discharge rates will negatively impact those circuits. They'll start blowing the fuses.

It's not just as simple as comparing volts and amps and series and parallel. You have to look deeper.

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