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Conversion Manual Reviews
by: J.D. Kennedy

Some good comments here! I've been reviewing some of the more popular EV conversion manuals and thought I would share some thoughts:

I think Michael Brown's book is a good starting point, but at this point I have to say my favorite is Brant's second edition. It has a lot more information, which I like but I suppose it may be overwhelming to some. I'm also looking at some of the E-books available online. Full reviews are posted on my website. I'm continuing to review clean energy products, so visit often or subscribe if you're interested:

HP needed
by: Anonymous


Go thru Brants calcs carefully. A 150 is fairly heavy so you need more HP. If you are delivering feathers no big deal if you are delivering bricks by the pallet you are going to need MORE HP.

If you insist on going DC then you may need two motors.

If I were you I would serioucsly think about going AC. Allen Bradley makes a VFD that will handle up to 75 HP motor.
Whether AC or DC you are going to need a big battery so have a good idea of what range you want per day.

Dan Bentler

by: Anonymous


Get the latest from Bob Brant "convert your own EV" Just published 2nd edition.

You can test drive the 93 by checking out from King County Library.


Electric Conversion on a Ford F150?
by: Don

Electric Car Conversion on a Ford F150?
For a (small delivery company)

Ford Motor Company did have a electric-powered Ranger EV model with a range of from 35 to 50 miles.
Anti-lock brakes, dual airbags, and an electric heater were standard; air conditioning was optional

A Leased truck may have tax wright offs ?
For a small company.

Back in the 80's the big thing was Grumman Olson Kubvans, with Volkswagen Diesel Rabbit powertrains. A small number were built as electrics and called the KURBWATT.

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