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Big but okay with slow
by: Ken

I want to convert a 1951 dodge powerwagon. Before you say no Ken, that's too heavy, let me point out somthing.

This truck came with a 80hp engine and gearing to let it pull a house. Never saw a freeway with top speed of 50. Basically a tractor with a windshield

I want to replicate it so would keep the low gear train. Isn't this similar load then to a light weight car with direct drive? No need to beat a corvette off the line.

Your thoughts.

Hi, Ken -
Yes you can. You can convert any vehicle you want. I only say discouraging things when I see somebody heading for disappointment - example, they want a commuter for 35 miles at 60 mph but are trying to save money by making use of the donor they have (a Chevy Silverado) rather than the donor they need (a Honda Civic) - because I can't bear to see them sad after they worked so hard.

You know exactly what you want and don't have unrealistic expectations. Go for it.


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