3-Phase AC Induction Motors and Horsepower

by Jason Conroy

My 3-Phase AC Induction Motor Has How Many Horses?

My 3-Phase AC Induction Motor Has How Many Horses?

You mention that the 3-Phase AC induction motor is probably the best choice, and I would like to know more.

Where can you purchase one?
How much do they cost?
What is their weight?
How much horsepower do they have?

Hi, Jason -
Two places to buy these motors: Metric Mind and Electro Automotive, both in the US.
Take advantage of our weak dollar, will you?; )

Cost: The prices will vary, so check the websites for current prices.

Weight: 85 lbs. for a motor that will move a Porsche 914 along at a brisk clip; 235 lbs. for a motor that will push the SUV.

Horsepower: Forget horsepower, think kilowatts instead. That 3-phase AC induction motor that will move a Porsche 914 along at 100 mph has a rating of 43 kw peak, 14 kw continuous.


2011 Update: There's a new AC electric vehicle motor on the market now that will drive your Porsche at 100 mph for about $4600 for the motor/controller combination.

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Motor source
by: Dan Bentler


Tell me more about what you are going to drive
shaft HP RPM Torque.

What is the load ie in industry or a vehicle ie car bulldozer etc

What are you going to use for power source

You can get this size motor in 3 differenet RPMs 900 1800 3600 pretty much off shelf. You can get these reconnectible for 208 230 460

Where are you Seattle or??
If a rush item see Grainger

If you are budget conscious and if not a rush item watch Boeing Surplus. Just got a 50 HP for a nickel on dollar.

Another surplus outfit is Burden tehy sell at about 50%

assigment help please
by: ann

I'm doing this assignment where I need a 3 phase AC induction motor with 17kW of power. I don't know where to find one. Do you know any good websites?

by: Dan Bentler


Basically any motor can be obtained in any HP rating - more HP more bucks. HP wise they vary from 1 HP to 13,000 HP and driven with a 3 phase 12,000 volt supply(largest I have personally seen)

A "regular" 3phase AC motor can be obained thru Grainger, any electrical distributor, or motor shop. You can get these in 230 and 460 line voltage or reconnectible 230/460.

I agree with Lynn think in terms of Kw when on the electrical side and in terms of HP on the mechanical side. It really makes no difference which you use because 1 HP = 746 watts so the terms are interchangable.

1 Hp = 550 pounds moved one foot in one second.

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