Building an EV with a 3-phase AC Induction Motor

by Gil Dias
(Pretoria South-Africa)

I want to build an electric car and want to install a 3 phase motor. What size motor must I use? What do I need to build such car? Car weight is 800kg (1764 lbs).

Hi, Gil -
Your car is light enough for a smaller motor, like the Azure Dynamics/Solectria AC24. It's 9.6 inches in diameter, and about 85 lbs.

You'll need a list of supplies for your EV conversion. You can find a conversion kit that will provide most, if not all, of the materials you'll need - except batteries. Those are always extra; )


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Building an AC Electric Car Conversion

by Steve Lumpp
(Canton, Ohio )

Where do I find a schematic and plans for an AC motor electric car?

Hi, Steve -
If you want to convert an existing car to run on an AC electric drive system, you'll get the schematic from the place you buy the motor and inverter, I guess...?


Update 2011: Hey! I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I found an online build manual from Kriss Motors for the AC drive/LiFePO4 battery/fiberglass replica electric cars.

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