AC or DC Electric Car Motor?

by Alex

Which electric car motor is best for a Cobra?

Which electric car motor is best for a Cobra?

Either an ac or dc electric car motor has its good and bad, so how can I have the best of both worlds?

I am currently building a Cobra replica with my dad who is a car nut,and I want it to be electric so the question is speed or distance and driveability.

While still being able to run it and keep up with the fancy mini hot rods we have here, but still having the ability to drive to the sea or mountains and with enough power to get up the hills?

Hi, Alex -
The question now becomes "how much money do you have to spend?"...because for long distance and hills, DC is not going to make you happy.

AC would be better for what you're telling us you want, but I believe you'll want a higher voltage system to be happy with your AC electric car conversion - 300v or so - and that brings up a new problem of "where are you going to put all those batteries", and "how heavy is my nimble little Cobra now going to be when filled with all that lead?"

These are the dilemmas that keep us up at night, drawing up plans on napkins and then setting them ablaze; )

You know, there's a guy who has some experience converting exotic little sports cars to high-performance electric cars; Paul Liddle. You might consider contacting him for a consultation (just follow the link).


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