Austin Heally EV Conversion

by Davide Picard
(Boulder , CO USA)

My son and I have decided after two overhauls to our Austin Heally 3000 MKIII to convert it to an EV. The car is dismantled and ready for a conversion, my question is the basics electronics in these older (Lucas) electrical systems are positive ground. Although almost every thing will be replaced or converted, what about the basic wire harness, headlights and taillights, instrument gages, etc.

Should I focus on a DC system or a AC system? Would you suggest buying a kit? And if so where do we start, we are excited about putting this new ride on the road and boast energy efficiency. I am a renewable energy engineer and have been a mechanic my whole life. so I am up for the task.

I ordered some books from you site and hope to dive into them as soon as they arrive.

Thank you for your help and great website.

Davide Picard
Zero Energy, LLC

Hi, Davide -
Congratulations on your project!

I would suggest the AC-50 kit from HPEVS. There's a great conversion shop a little south of you in Westminster called Duke's Garage, where you can get your kit and all the bits and bobs associated with that.

Duke's Garage
7111 Julian St. Westminster, CO 80030

About your question? That's a little out of my territory, I'm afraid. I'd encourage you to ask your question over at the EVDL or at the DIY electric car forums. Very many helpful folks over there.


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