Bad Battery Charger Blues

by Joe
(Akron, Ohio)

Usually when I plug the charger into the golf cart battery pack there is momentary pause, then hum, then the charging needle moves left to right to about 20 amps.

Today, I plugged in the charger and absolutely nothing happened. the batteries are Trojan and about 9 1/2 years old. My question is this: IF the batteries are shot, will the charger not respond? It makes sense to me that if there is nothing left to charge, then perhaps the charger won't indicate anything, correct?

I also noticed you said there were 6 different brands, but I don't see any pricing for the different brands of batteries. The only price I saw was the Trojan 105 for about $100 apiece.

Hi, Joe -
Nothing happened, no hum, no nothing? I'd be looking at the outlet or checking the breaker first, hopefully you did that. That sounds more like the charger's not getting any juice from the wall or is broken itself.

Why? Because I can't see a battery going from "something" to "nothing", dead as a doornail, too dead to give any kind of a reading, overnight.

The charging needle moving is a voltage reading. It's telling you what your battery has in it.

On battery prices: Battery pricing changes from day to day, and different parts of the country have different prices, too. I don't sell batteries on my website, but I have lots of links to places that do sell batteries. They'll be a lot better source of current prices.

Hope this helps!

All the best,

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nice charger
by: john buckner

nice charger. i hope that you had figured your dilemma of not charging. you had mentioned, and i would like to see you install that 4" muffin fan on the side of the box, with holes on the opposite side. i think that i would have the fan "suck the heat out of the box" thru cross ventilation. john

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