Beginning an Electric Car Conversion

by Nic

I want to start converting a 98 Eclipse into a electric car. I am just doing the research on it right now.
What are some suggestions that you may have as I start taking out the parts on the car that are not needed? Also I want to keep the speed of the car so what motor and how many batteries do I need?

Hi, Nic!
The first step is to learn everything you can about the conversion process before you start buying expensive components, and I salute you for doing exactly that!

Parts you definitely don't need? Engine. Gas tank. Fuel and engine temperature gauges.

Parts you don't think you'll need, but probably ought to keep? Transmission. Wiring diagrams. Wires.

To keep your car's performance, the question you're really asking is "how much voltage should my system have?" And that's a good question.
The answer is determined by the answers to some other questions, like "how much money do I have to spend on this project?", and "how much battery weight can my Eclipse handle?"

The next good question to ponder is this: "Which is more important to me - performance, or distance?"

Once you've got those questions rolling around in your head, I'd suggest you attend the next meeting of your local Electric Auto Association chapter, and talk with some people who have already done their own conversions.

Best of luck with your project!


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