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by M.J.

High-Quality Scooter with NiMH batteries

High-Quality Scooter with NiMH batteries

I have to have the best electric scooter available, because I'm going to be using it to commute to work. While I don't want to overpay, I do require excellent quality (I don't want to buy a new scooter every year) and reliability is an absolute must.

Two questions, really; one, what features really set the best electric scooter apart from its cheaper counterparts?
And two, what sort of upkeep-related expenses can I anticipate, so I can figure it in to my budget?

Hi, M.J. -
Andy Reich of Falcon EV says, "The first important thing to look for is the battery. A good E-scoot will have Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. They will last at least five times longer than lead, weigh less, and deliver more power for a longer time period.

The second is the controller. It must be big enough to handle commuting speeds and traffic stops and starts with no heating up, and it absolutely must be waterproof.
A good controller is over 50 amps for a powerful scooter like these.
The third "quality factor" is the motor, with a minimum of 2500 watts. Hub motors are basically maintenance-free, and you want front and rear disc brakes like a motorcycle and good solid wiring.

The looks of a scooter can sometimes say a lot about the quality. If it looks cheap, it probably is made from cheap parts.

About the upkeep-related expenses...a good, expensive e-scooter will have ZERO operating expenses, unlike a gas scooter that needs regular maintenance.

Just remember to keep up proper tire pressure."


P.S. Thank you to Falcon EV for the detailed answer!

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