Big AC Electric Car Motor, Small Car

by Winfried

Would you give this tiny car a BIG AC heart?

Would you give this tiny car a BIG AC heart?

Is an ac55 motor too heavy for a small car?

Hi, Winfried!

Just how small IS your car? That's not you in the photo up there, is it? Okay, I'm just kidding. On to your question; )

Motor-man Dan Bentler says that many, many people make the mistake of getting too small a motor for their EVs. Because of this, the performance is often less exhilarating than they'd hoped; especially when they get AC motors and they want low-end torque. Folks buy the small motor for a small car, then load the car up with supersized Americans and wonder why nothing happens when they put the pedal to the medal.They're often simply undersized.

Here's the rub, though: a bigger EV motor weighs more than a small one, and it also costs more. Would you rather spend your money and weight on motor, or battery? It's up to you.


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