Big EV conversion, little EV conversion

by Mickey
(Saint Petersburg, FL)

Lets take a big F-250, fill up the back with lots of batteries,electric hot water heat and a great sound system!

What motor would you recommend? I can weld and jury rig the power steering pump, A/C brackets and air pump for vacuum.

Also why couldn't I put a golf cart(36 V) motor on a Motorcycle and use it's gear box? I may just go ahead and do it just to see how it turns out.

Hi, Mickey!
1. A Big motor. Actually, more than one big motor would be better. The AC55 from Azure Dynamics, biggest EV motor I know of, is only good up to 3500 lbs curb weight...and your F-250 is closer to 6,000 lbs. Try two.

2. You could. There's a new book out called "Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle" by Carl Vogel that you might find very helpful in your motorcycle conversion project.


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