Building a Electric Land Rover

by Sam

I'm looking to build a EV Land Rover using a 90 kw motor. It is my first time doing this and I'm doing it as a personal project. I would like some advice on what exactly I would need to create one.

I do know I need batteries (not sure how many), controller, motor (I'm looking at ac) and a adapter plate (I can make this). I am unsure as to what wiring I would need and how to connect it all up. I need the car to do about 150km or so a day.

I tried looking for schematics online for wiring of the components but have had no luck.

Hi, Sam -
The guy in the video above did pretty much the same thing as you are proposing.

For an AC motor and controller, I'd look at HPEVS.

For schematics: HPEVS has wiring schematics on their website, and EV West also has a pretty comprehensive schematics library online.

Batteries: I'm guessing you'll want LiFePO4? I recommend contacting someone like EV West who sells the drive train components and batteries for conversions and tell them what you will be using your Land Rover for, and where you are planning to put the batteries, and they can give you a better idea of how to do that, how many you'll need and what it will cost.

Hope this helps! Best of luck with your project.


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