Building An Electric Car

by Beerman
(Montana, USA)

I've been considering for a while on building an all electric car. I live in an area where I have to drive to get pretty much anywhere, and decided the 3-stage AC motor would probably be the best, but is this going to give me enough RPMs?

My other question is on the battery; I need one that could charge no matter how full it is when plugged in, and give me a good range, would the Lithium Iron Phosphate be the right choice?

If I were to want to charge the car using regular alternators found in old gas guzzling cars for charging the battery, like to make a make-shift wind turbine, how many would I need to give me the right voltages and amperages to charge the battery?

Hi, Beerman!
The 3-phase AC induction motor will give you the right number of RPMs as long as you give it the right number of volts. It's going to appreciate about 300 or so, which is a lot of batteries.

The 12v lead acid battery doesn't mind being opportunity-charged. Lithium doesn't either, so take your pick depending on your budget. NiCad is the one with the memory issues.

A generator can only convert energy from one form to another; so if you're looking to convert mechanical energy back into electrical, best to just let your regen braking function 100 percent.
The AC inverter you'll be using with your motor will make regen braking your best bet for stuffing juice back into the battery pack.


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Ac and Dc
by: Vitor

I'm wondering if it's possible to use the two engines. The DC for the start until 30mph and then change for the AC motor for speed. One in the front axle and the other on the back. Thanks for your help

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