Building an Electric Dragster

by Dan
(Dubuque IA)

Looking to put a EV dragster together for bracket racing. I currently have a dragster front half and was wondering where to start to figure what motor & batteries it would take to make a 1000# car run low 10.00 in 1/4.

Not looking to build a stupid fast one we are bracket racers. If we stay in 10.00s we don't need to certify the car and hopefully keep it in a under $10,000 budget.

Hi, Dan -
Sounds like fun! (Electric drag racing video included for inspiration: )

I reached out to a friend, Audrey Clunn, at Green Shed Conversions with your question. She's the membership director at NEDRA, the National Electric Drag Racing Association. She told me to tell you to check out the NEDRA website if you haven't done that already, and especially to have a look at the build a drag racer page. You'll see a bunch of recommendations there on motors, controllers, cables, contactors, batteries, and other bits and bobs you'll need.

Audrey said to give her a call at 561-352-6622 and she will help you get what you need for the best price she can find. She also recommends you get your batteries from John Metric, also a NEDRA racer. She can put you in touch when you call.

I hope this helps, and hope you win!!


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