Building an Electric Vehicle from Scratch

by izad
(Vancouver, WA)

I would like to build an Electric vehicle from ground up. Starting with Baha type frame and other material from a 100cc motor cycle.

My question is "what is the most efficient and cost effective motor that would allow me to deliver 50 mph top speed if the vehicle's loaded weight is about 1000 lbs?"

I would like to produce multiple units so it would be good if the motor was a standard unit that is used in other applications and is readily available.

Hi, Izad -
For your project, I'd have to go with the series wound DC motor, probably. You know, the kind they put in golf cart upgrades? 7, 7.5 inches in diameter, and 60-80 pounds. That's a pretty light vehicle you're describing, and this should do the trick as efficiently and cheaply as possible. You'll need a few more volts than a golf cart, though - 96v ought to do it.

Good luck, and keep us posted!


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