Can a motor power a 33' RV?

by Robert
(Norwalk, CT.)

Can a motor drive a 33' RV? Is there a motor designed to drive each wheel instead of driving the transmission?

Is it stupid to consider an electric RV?

Hi, Robert -

First, that is one BIG RV to be converting to 100% electric. I have seen a few successful SMALL Class B motorhomes, but an RV that size is unusual.

That said? The tricky part I think is going to be the expense and weight of batteries; the motor is the least of your worries. You can use two or more motors together if needed.

Wheel motors...not so much. Seems like such a good idea, but I don't know anybody who's been happy with this in a car (or bigger). Bike yes, car no.

No, it's not a stupid idea at all. As lithium batteries get better, cheaper and lighter - more and more people are going to do this because it just makes sense. Come back and let us know how it goes!


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...serious consideration...
by: Anonymous

I am giving such a conversion of my 75 gmc motorhome serious consideration. Biggest hurdle is resources, but there has got to be a way...just need time and financial resources.

All wheel drive EV
by: EM-50

I have also been daydreaming about an hybrid-electric motorhome build. I'm not sure about their efficiency, but one 120 hp regen drive hub motor for each wheel (6) of a 70's GMC motorhome would yield a combined 720 hp and possibly 1000 ft/lbs of all wheel drive torque. Remove the FWD drivetrain and replace it with a small flat-4 diesel motor turning a bank of generators and pack as many batteries as possible under the floor boards to maintain a low center of gravity. Shave the roof A/C units , storage boxes, awnings, mirrors and bumpers to bring the GMC back to it's originally intended aircraft-like aerodynamics. Replace all lighting with efficient LEDs and use a heat pump instead of separate furnace and A/C units. Build a new chassis usung rectangular S/S tubing, seal welded so it can serve double duty as the fuel tank. The upper superstructure and skin would be aircraft aliminum and cover the entire thing in photovoltaic cells.
Aerodynamic, smooth riding air suspension, all wheel drive, traction control, anti-lock brakes, diesel-electric gen-set with solar back-up. It should take a couple of weekends of work and a few thousand dollars, right???

Protean Electric for In Wheel Hub motors.
by: David

The best solution I have found is in wheel hub motors.

Protean electric has built F150 AWD Truck, AMG Station wagon AWD and much more. This frees up space to allow you to optimize battery space. With the latest Li batter cells up to 400 Ah, you can get the power and long distance you need!

electric wheel motors
by: Little Bob431

Hi,Bob; I opperated off road haul trucks for many years some of them were electrics powered by diesel gen sets,they had electric wheel motors.An equipment ensineer told me that parts for 25ton trucks could be addapted to highway truck drive axles.I would suggest to look on line for mine equipment salvage companys for used parts.or contact new equipment mfg. such as CAT,orHatchi,Volvo,etc.Think outside the box! I hope this gives you some ideas.Good luck,BobL

26ft box truck
by: jeff

i am thinking about turning my 26ft box truck into a EV. I would like to see how you do your RV and what type motor's you use and what type transmission you use my email sam99577 at yahoo dot com

Electric motor
by: Mike Greig

An electric motor would do a better job of pushing that weight than a gas or diesel. Like Lynne said, it's all about the batteries! We will get to a place when EV batteries are affordable in our life times.

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